BMW Navigation

The most advanced way to get where you’re going.


  • Display: Up to 10.2” colour display with 3D design, innovative display concept, and split-screen funtion
  • Fully-integrated system:
    • Sensors monitor the wheels and the steering angle and can localise the vehicle even when the GPS signal is weak
    • Volume is automatically lowered before a navigation announcement is made
  • 1.3 GHz processor: With built-in 3D graphic chip permits fluid browsing and scrolling
  • High Guiding Function: Automatically activated before next navigation instruction, arrows indicating the route change to detailed perspective representation of the surroundings
  • Lane Guiding: Offers extra information so the driver can change lanes in time
  • 3D City Model View: Driver can get a realistic interpretation of streets and buildings for better orientation
  • Real Time Traffic Information: Traffic information delivered in real time to plan necessary detours or calculate routes more precisely


  • The safest and most accurate navigation system available
  • Full-integration makes for an easy, dynamic interaction between vehicle systems
  • Cutting-edge display allows for detailed and comprehensive navigational information

Price: Model Dependant