Preserve your BMW's showroom finish, on the inside and out.


  • BMW Seal & Protect is the only BMW approved paintwork, upholstery, and carpet protection system
  • Designed to preserve your vehicle’s pristine finish and provide a long-lasting shield against harsh environmental conditions


  • Increased protection against harsh environmental conditions, including: Road Salt, Acid Rain, Tree Resin, Pollutants, Oxidization and Chaliking
  • The Vehicle’s interior upholstery and carpets will have increased protection from damage caused by everyday conditions, such as: Dirt, Dust, Beverage Spills, Rain and Snow, Road Salt, and Discolouration from UV Light
  • The BMW Seal & Protect system also includes a hard-wearing case containing a selection of Original BMW Car Care Products, helping you to maintain the highest level of protection on your vehicle