Designed to perfectly match your BMW for maximum performance and safety.


  • BMW Approved Cold Weather Tire Packages: Experience maximum ride stability and response in cold weather conditions. Made from unique rubber compounds, these tires stay flexible and improve braking distance
  • BMW Approved High-Performance Summer Tire Packages: Emphasize the dynamic performance of your BMW with maximum grip, improved braking distance, and precise steering response to elevate your driving


  • BMW Star Approved Tires: The star symbol located on the sidewall of your BMW approved tire indicates that it has been engineered for your specific model together with the tire manufacturer, to meet BMW’s high standards of performance, safety, and comfort
  • BMW Run-flat Tires: Specially reinforced sidewalls of tires with Run-flat technology (RSC) enable your BMW to continue to travel safely up to 80 km at a maximum speed of 80 km/h after a puncture
  • Original BMW Light-Alloy Wheels: Made from aluminum, offering reduced weight, extreme durability, and an attractive design that is BMW model-specific
  • BMW Cold Weather Tires are specially designed to perform at temperatures of 7ºC and below. This results in improved braking response by over 60% compared to summer tires

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